Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Things I want Jonas to know:

Even though I haven't learned them yet...

-Don't be devastated by failures. Learn to embrace them.
Learn from them.


-Be Adventurous.

-Take chances, but learn that discipline and honest hard work is worthwhile.

-You can do anything you heart is set on. Sing, play instruments, dance, fix cars, hit homeruns, travel the world, see poverty and suffering and seek to change it, go jeeping, camp out, explore, give to others, above these...Guard your heart. Follow Jesus. Love people.

-You can...

-Question conventional thought and the status quo.


-Accept adjustments because sometimes you're just one small adjustment away from outrageous success.

-In all your endeavors, acknowledge God. He will direct you.

-Trust that whatever he allows to happen, tragic or wonderful in your eyes, His reasons are better that yours. His logic is smarter than yours. His decisions are perfect. He unconditionally loves you.

-I unconditionally love you.

Love, Mom

Thursday, February 17, 2011


A friend told me I should keep track of my days by writing down the happenings...I thought I would do that here...then I changed my mind...I'm really going to need that leather, worn journal from Barnes and Noble to get I'll work on getting that, but for now I'll tell you about today. 12 steps to quitting...

1. Wake up in the wee hours to Jonas falling off the bed.
2. He doesn't even blink and I'm up for the next 4 hours.
3. Finally fall asleep and the other two people I live with bound out of bed.
4. Awaken to the sound of glass shattering in the kitchen....Jonas was doing the dishes.
5. Decide to leave the broken glass in the floor and get a shower.
6. Step out of the shower to hear Jonas running out the front door after Sasha.
7. Grab the closest thing to me, which is Patrick's jacket and run out the door after them.
8. Wave to a few friendly drivers and haul Jonas and Sasha back inside...
Finally it's 9 AM....
9. Ride my bike to Story Time at the Library...
10. Don't realize I'll need a I get mad at the librarian who tells me I can't park the bike in the foyer, just this once...and storm off and hide my bike behind the library in between the air conditioners...I know my way around that area...
11. After lunch I let Jonas play outside...He proceeds to drop his pants and poop in the yard...GROSS!
12. I give up...(not really...I actually finish out the day pretty strong, but who really cares at this point...)


Monday, January 10, 2011

My Macgyver

Patrick installed a push button on our toilet to flush it. It's too hard for Jonas to push...I turn around to see him flushing the toilet his own way...Macgyver style...How did he figure this out? Should I hide my knives?

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Sleepless Night

Hello everyone, this is Patrick.

Why do I drink Pepsi before I go to bed? So, I am going to bore whoever is reading this blog with whatever is going through my head.

If you don't already know, I am creating a catching instructional video. I think it is going to be pretty awesome. I have an awesome film crew that I am working with up in ATL. We already shot all the instruction scenes, now we just have to shoot the talking scenes. I am really excited about seeing how it is going to turn out. I have seen some work these guys have done, and they are great.

Also, I am running the Marine Corps Marathon on October 31st in Washington DC. I am super excited about it. I can't believe it is almost time. I have been running, but no where near what I am supposed to be running. I only run about 3 times a week. I started thinking about this the other day. I have lost 30 lbs and have not done any working out, I have only run 3 days a week for about 45 minutes to and hour. That is what the average workout should last, I think. Well, what have I done differently that I never did in the past. The only thing I have changed was getting on the Figure 8 system by Arbonne. I drink the Fizzy Tabs, I drink the protein shakes, and I take fiber. I actually mix the fiber in the protein shake to make it easier. January and I do eat healthier because of Jonas, but we still eat our burgers and pizza a couple times a week. So, really, we are not dieting. I am not saying any of this to be bragging, I just started thinking about how cool it is to know that I lost 30 lbs this year. Two years ago I trained for a sprint triathlon. I could not get below 185 lbs. After I finished the race, I did not exercise any. I got up to exactly 199 lbs. Then, at New Years, I decided to run the Gate River Run, 9.3 miles. I got down to about 185 lbs. I knew that was as low as I was ever going to get. I was in shape and nothing was changing. I mean come on, I am 31 years old. I have heard all the horror stories about what happens after you turn 30. Well, after the race, I decided to run a marathon. I have not done any more training than I did for the Gate River Run. The only thing I have changed was doing the Figure 8 program. I could not stand the Fizzy Tabs for the first 3 days. Starting on the 4th day, I loved them. Now, I am weighing in at 170 lbs and have even touched 168 lbs. So, if anyone is willing to exercise a couple times a week and use the Figure 8 products, you will see a huge change.

Well, I am finally getting tired. I guess I will try this sleep thing one more time.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 7 - Goodbye Dear Enchanted Island of Beaches, Rainforests, and Shave Ice


Good Afternoonish...kinda still morning...

30 hours awake, 22 hours of travel and we arrived home following day at 9:00 pm. Finally we get to hold Jonas!!! we missed him sooooo much!!!

Thank you God for safe travels, beautiful days, amazing creation and Jonas!

Don't call! We're still sleeping...yawn!!!

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